Central Otago Sports Depot, Alexandra COSD

Apricot Glazed Rabbit Skewers

to serve 4 - 6 as appetizer

backstraps/loins of 3 - 4 rabbits, diced

Marinate rabbit overnight (or for as long as you can!) in apricot sauce / Chilli Apricot glaze /

apricot jam mixed with sweet chilli sauce (I make & use Annabel Langbein's Really Useful Apricot Chilli Glaze)

4 - 6 rashers streaky bacon, cut into halves/thirds depending on size of skewer

Soak skewers in water first...stops them burning on the bbq

Thread on piece of streaky bacon, then cube of rabbit, then fold over bacon onto skewer again, then another cube of rabbit

Optional Extras: red onion quartered, fresh/canned apricot, red capsicum, haloumi cheese, (scallops!)

Cook very quickly on hot bbq/pan - takes about 3 - 4 minutes